Health Insurance for Small Businesses

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Your employees are your greatest investment. Offering quality, affordable coverage through the “right” health insurance plan is one of the most important decisions you can make as a small business owner. We offer a wide range of health plans year-round so your business can attract and retain employees while helping them to stay happy, healthy and productive.

Navigating and making sense of the confusing, complex health care system has become increasing difficult, especially for small businesses. Let us help.

We represent a number of different insurance companies and can compare coverage and prices to find the best possible value for your business needs. We write through Covered California, Anthem BlueCross, Blue Shield, Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP), and Health Net. Request a free quote today or call us and talk with one of our friendly agents to learn more!

Benefits for your business:

Tax Advantages

You may qualify for a tax credit after purchasing insurance through Covered California for Small Business.

Financial Control

You can decide the level(s) of coverage and how much to contribute towards premiums. You can also control your health insurance budget.

Coverage year-round 

With small business health insurance, you can purchase coverage at any time of the year. You are not forced to enroll during a special open enrollment period like you may when you are buying coverage on your own.

To learn more about small business health insurance, call Jessica Liu Insurance Services and talk with one of our agents today. We’re right here, ready to guide you toward a more secure future!

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