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Angela T. yelp profile pictureAngela T. 
San Francisco , CA

“We use Jessica Liu for all our insurance needs, from business policies to life insurance. She has been incredible in terms of customer service. Jessica is patient when she needs to explain things to me and she responds quickly to all my inquiries and requests. Her staff is the same – attentive and always on the ball whenever I need something to be done!”

Tony L. yelp profile pictureTony L.
San Francisco, CA

“Great customer service and rate. I buy insurance here for two of my business location, warehouse, and worker’s comp. Been working with Teddy and he’s been super helpful. He took care of all the paperwork including my worker’s comp each month and help me submit payments when I didn’t receive my bills.”

Phillip T. yelp profile picturePhillip T. 
San Francisco, CA

“I used to re-market my auto insurance every year because I believed there should be better market. Two years ago, I switched my auto insurance to Jessica Liu Insurance, and the staffs helped me to find a very affordable premium. However, I still kept calling them every year to negotiate for better premium, and they will re-market for me. Recently, I finally knew the name of the staff who helped me re-market my policy. Melody, thank you so much for helping me save money every year, and I appreciated your help. Please help me save more money next year. I will give you a call every year around the same time to negotiate the premium. :)”

Melissa C. yelp profile picture Melissa C. 
San Francisco, CA

“Jessica is awesome!!! I used her company for commercial and personal needs for over 15+ years.  She is quick, kind and knowledgeable. She is my “go to” for all insurances and I have recommended her to all my friends as well.”

Andrew Y. yelp profile pictureAndrew Y. 
New York, NY

“My dad said their representatives are very helpful and they speak mandarin. He got his car insurance here and he is also planning to buy home insurance too. Thanks for helping us save money!”

Steven Y. yelp profile pictureSteven Y. 
San Diego, CA

“best services!!! As a poor student, i’m always looking for a good deal. I found them, and they saved me a lot of money. It’s very easy to communicate with them when I had trouble. btw They can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.”

Sackings Z. yelp profile pictureSackings Z.
San Mateo, CA


“Very friendly and responsible service.  I was able to get my insurance with competitive price and impressive service.  They also have Chinese speaking representative who helped out my parents as well.”

Dao R. yelp profile pictureDao R. 
Elk Grove, CA

“About two years ago I was looking for the cheaper rate for my rental insurance. I went to Jessica Liu insurance service asked for the quote and gave them a copy of policy declaration page that I currently had. At that moment I only cared about the lower premium. Because I didn’t get my ideal rate at that time, I didn’t get the insurance with this company. However, Jessica did give me some very good advice. She noticed from my policy that my personal liability coverage carries only $100k and suggested that I increase it to $500k. My insurance rate wouldn’t increase a lot but my coverage will. I didn’t know what the insurance was for at that time. I just knew that if I was required to get insurance then I should aim for the cheapest rate. I took her advice anyways and increased my coverage with my former insurance company.

Something unfortunate happened one year ago when my property caused a fire that affected half of my neighbor’s house. My personal liability paid $280k for repairs done on my neighbor’s house. I have then realized the importance of having enough coverage. Even though Jessica wasn’t my agent at that time, she offered me great advice despite the fact that I didn’t give them my business. Now, I have switched all my home, rental, auto, and business to Jessica Liu Insurance Services. I trust her and her staff. They always provide a professional knowledge to their client.”

Lawrence L. yelp profile pictureLawrence L. 
San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been through several insurance brokers in my time.  More often than not, the industry can be intimidating, paranoid of being over or hard sold, feeling you didn’t get value, or not understanding what you are really purchasing.  Brokers I’ve met in the past seem to be focused on securing a generic policy, just to get your money.  What upsets me is that so many brokers are no longer brokers.  They’re salesmen.  The broker’s job is to understand your needs, all your needs, in order to properly assess risk, evaluate the big picture, and then fine tune a customized policy at a competitive price.  If this is something you need, an advisor, a counselor – you should seriously consider visiting Jessica.  Oh, and if you like to save money, you should visit her as well.  🙂  Jessica’s office is split into departments – an agent for auto, an agent for commercial, an agent for homeowners, etc.  Serious advantage here.  Not only are her agents there to write policies and process paperwork, but their main objective is to shop for the customer.  For every policy inquiry, her agents will shop 4-5 different insurance companies to find the best rate.  To make it even more complex, if you’re looking for coverage across several departments, they’ll get together to find the lowest overall fee.  If you’re currently doing auto, home, and umbrella, it can’t hurt to bring your policies over for her analysis, and you’ll probably be walking away with better coverage, at a lower cost.  Win win?  A bonus – they’re great with email if you’re a multi-tasker like myself.”

Bruce C. yelp profile pictureBruce C. 
Burlingame, CA 

“By profession, I am an accountant, I meet a great numbers of insurance practices. Jessica Liu Insurance Services is the best insurance practice I have encounter. That’s why I choose to do business with Jessica. Instead of just having my firm’s insurance needs covered by Jessica. Whenever a client of mine has the need of insurance, she’s the person I turn to. All of my clients said amazing things about Jessica and her team. My clients always tell me that “They are great! Her team is very professional and friendly!” From my experience working with Jessica. Jessica and her team are so responsive, whenever I or my client reaches out to them, an almost immediate respond from them. Also, it is almost unbelievable how competitive the rates they quoted are. All things are great with her practice and the most admirable aspect of her practice is how much she and her team care about the appropriate coverage for client. Never quote excessive coverage that results in extra money spent or shortage in coverage that results in unprotected asset. Client’s always first. In modem days with countless individuals joining the insurance industry, it is hard to find honest practices like Jessica Liu Insurance. I highly recommend everyone to visit their locations and experience the “nordstrom service” from best insurance practice in the bay area.”

Eric Z. yelp profile pictureEric Z. 
Walnut Creek, CA

“I have been a Jessica Insurance customer for over 10 years. Jessica office has always been reliable and gives me consistent, friendly and thorough service.  It’s nice to call my insurance agency and get a live person to answer the phone!  Jessica is honest and very knowledgeable. Fanny has been with Jessica for years and gives me fantastic service.  She anticipates my needs and always goes above and beyond to help me.  I’m  sure Jessica’s office is definitely a great office! A wonderful service.  I worked with Jessica and she’s been very helpful.  she’s been very patient with me* and been wonderful at answering all my questions promptly and carefully.”

Tina M. yelp profile pictureTina M. 
Berkeley, CA

“Great insurance agency. I am an insurance hopper (that is, hopping from one insurance to another) to get the best deals out there. By far this is the most patient agency and offered me the best deal. What I like the most is that they are open to suggestions and will give me quotes depending on what exactly I wanted. They also did multiple quotes for me to choose whichever fitted me the most. The best part is, they never tried to force me to choose anything specific nor push me to buy from them. They gave me enough time and space for me to choose between agencies. At the end, I chose them anyways. Not only because they have oustanding service, but also because I couldn’t find a better deal :)”

L.L. yelp profile pictureL.L.
San Francisco, CA

“I have been a customer of Jessica’s for a long, long time.  I would say almost 10 years.  And I have been very happy with their service.  I did home owners insurance to business ins.  By far they have given me the best quotes I could find.  The follow up services is good as long as you give the the correct contact information.  I love them. By the way, if you’re wondering why I didn’t go with them for auto ins it’s because I’ve got 2 violations on my DMV record and they can’t give me a better quote with these 2 minuses.  Once that is cleared out.  I am switching.”

Jane J. L. yelp profile pictureJane J. L.
Union City, CA

“Very honest and reliable place. They are able to advises on the most appropriate coverage, service in a very efficient way, help me save more than other places could possibly do. What They sold is financial protection in the even of crisis or emergency, they provide me security for a living.”

Jun W. yelp profile pictureJun W. 
San Francisco, CA 

“I have been using Jessica Liu Insurance Services more than ten years for my business insurance needs.  I feel very pleased and grateful.  Jessica and all her staff are helpful, friendly, responsive and informative.  They look out for your best interest.  They look after you as a truly valued client.  What more can you ask for?  They’ll make it easy!  Thanks.”

Angela S. yelp profile pictureAngela S.
South San Francisco, CA 

“I have personally been a client of Jessica’s since 2008 and my family has been since (about) 1997. She is very responsive, has great follow-up, and is thoughtful in how she engages you and considers each individual/family/business’ needs when presenting insurance options. Working with her office was seamless when we started off with our personal home and auto related policies, and then moved onto other products. We have even received positive feedback from other vendors that have coordinated sending/receiving information from them, on our behalf. We are truly fortunate to have had a relationship with her for so many years – we really feel like she has our family’s best interest at heart.”

Wayne I. yelp profile pictureWayne I. 
San Francisco, CA

“Anyone perusing my meager reviews can tell that I am not the most prolific poster.  I can say that being the owner of Therapy Stores here in the bay area, I have used Jessica exclusively for all of Therapy’s insurance needs.  They routinely do audits to insure that we are paying the lowest costs available.  They patiently explain to us the difference in various types of  coverage, which helps because comparing policies can be a bit like apples and oranges.  And they provide stellar service, while saving you money- what more could you ask for? Don’t believe me? Call them up and get a quote-  you may save some money!!”

Leo L. yelp profile pictureLeo L. 
Milpitas, CA 

“really professional service. they are honest, patient, kind and careful.
I love their office environment, every time I drop by I feel like seeing some old friends.
the best thing is that they do consider for you when they shop for your best fit policy.
you know you will have peace in mind.”

Tim Z. yelp profile pictureTim Z. 
San Jose, CA 

“Why I rate Jessica Liu Insurance  five stars ,it is not only that I knew  her 15 years ago ,but also that my company Fasttran Moving have been gone with her service for 15 years.At the beginning of my immigration to USA in 2000,It was hard time for me to set up my moving company,Jessica Liu offered me lots of suggestion or advise that was really helpful for me who was a new immigration guy and None-English specking people.She always gives me good rate insurance for my truck,my cargo and works compensation.I just paid one time of insurance fee but she take care of my company whole year,Without Jessica Liu Insurace Service I could not imagine how I had been finished over thousands of moving job in Bay Area for this 15 years.Thanks a lot ,Jessica Liu,I really appreciate your business.”

Tony H. 
Tony H. yelp profile pictureSan Francisco, CA

“Jessica Liu Insurance Services always provide its customer dependable and prompt service”

E.L. yelp profile pictureE.L.
San Francisco, CA

“I have always brought my home and auto insurance through well-known company, I feel safer that way. I have being using AAA for over 10 years and after a claim, they decided to kick me out. Therefore, i went on to search for a new carrier. My friend referred Jessica Liu Insurance to me, I hesitated at first, and then i decided to give them a call. At first, I asked them what insurance carriers they represent and the strength of the companies. Most of all, will they protect my assets if something should happened? I found out that they carried top rated Insurance Company, like Safeco, Liberty, Mercury, Traveler and many other. They explained all the coverage’s and details of the policy. Also, they did a through quote comparison to make sure I got the best and lease expensive policy. Finally, I felt I was dealing with a company who care about me and want to protect my hard earned money. They helped me save over 3 thousand dollars. Furthermore, they have provided sincere and genuine service. They were patience and reliable. I have transferred all my insurance to them because I know I am in good hand. They give me a peace of mind. Thanks Jessica, You are the Best!

Recently, my house caught on fire because of an old outlet, they have been great servicing my claim. Recommended contractors to help give me a quote because insurance company will sent their own if you don’t have one. And as you know, they will low ball you. Anyway, if you want someone that is reliable and take ownership when it counts, then go to her.”

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