Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Rental Property?

November 27, 2017

If you are renting out your home, your homeowners insurance may not be sufficient to cover damage to your property. As a landlord, you generally need greater protection that your homeowners insurance policy cannot offer you. For example, landlords usually need greater liability protection against injury and property damage.

Landlord insurance policies also come with additional coverage options that you can use to ensure you are adequately covered for your personal needs. Some of these add-on options include burglary coverage, vandalism coverage, building code coverage, rental property under construction, and flood insurance.

rental property - house with for rent sign

Vandalism coverage can help pay for the cost to repair damage due to vandalism and can also provide coverage for belongings used for the rental property. Burglary coverage can help cover the cost of belongings used for your rental property and can also pay for repairs or replacements needed for you property in the case of theft.

Building code coverage can help cover increased costs of enforcing any building codes, ordinances, or laws regulating construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, or demolition of your property. Rental property under construction is an additional coverage that can help cover your rental property as it is being renovated or undergoing construction. Flood insurance can cover damage to your rental properties due to floods, which are the #1 natural disaster in the United States according to FloodSmart.

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