What Does a Home Insurance Policy NOT cover?

August 13, 2018

9 Things Your Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

If you think your home insurance policy protects you from any damage to your home, think again! There are many hazards a standard homeowner’s policy does not cover. Here are nine common things your policy may exclude coverage for.


A standard homeowner’s policy does not cover damage caused by an earthquake. You may want to purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy, especially if you are in an area of high risk.

Sinkholes & Landslides

Most policies will not cover damage associated with “earth movement”. In addition to sinkholes, this can also include earthquakes and landslides.


Most homeowners’ policies don’t cover damage or losses cause by flooding. You may want to consider purchasing optional flood insurance coverage.

Dog Attacks

Some home insurance companies exclude breeds of dogs that are known to be aggressive. If your dog has bitten someone even if he/she is not an “aggressive breed” the dog still may be excluded on your policy.

Jewelry, Art and Antiques

Most standard homeowners’ policies have limits on coverage for valuable articles and collections, usually with a cap of $1,000 to $5,000. You may want to consider purchasing valuable articles coverage if you have expensive jewelry, fine art, antiques, firearms, musical instruments, sound equipment, or collectibles.

Service Line Damage

Most standard policies will not cover damage or failure caused by service line failures such as wear and tear, deterioration, freezing, or corrosion. You may want to consider getting service line coverage which can cover sewer pipes, water pipes, internet lines, power lines, gas pipes and more.


Insurance policies typically exclude damage from infestations (bedbugs, termites, mice/rats, etc.). Keep on top of your home maintenance by having a pest control company inspect your home.

Stolen Cash

Insurance companies are not likely to believe you if you claim you had large amounts of cash stolen or destroyed in your home. It is in your best interest to keep your cash in a safe place, like a bank.


Home insurance companies generally won’t cover mold damage occurring as a result of poor home maintenance, construction defects or natural floods. However, they may cover the repairs if the mold stems from a sudden leak in your plumbing and you take action to fix it immediately.

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