What is Special Enrollment?

October 3, 2017

When enrolling in health insurance, there is generally a 3-month period of enrollment which begins in November and ends in January. However, it is possible to enroll in a Covered California health insurance plan outside the open-enrollment period through special enrollment. Special enrollments allow consumers with qualifying life events to enroll for health insurance year-round.

Most special enrollment periods last 60 days from the date of the qualifying life event. According to Covered California, “consumers must report changes and select a plan within 60 days of the qualifying life event to purchase a health insurance plan or change an existing plan”.

To enroll after a qualifying life event, consumers can generally enroll online. Another option is to call the Covered California Service Center at (800)-300-1506 or one of our Covered California Certified agents at (415)-386-2283. Keep in mind that you may be asked to submit verification through documents for proof of the event.

Here is a list of common qualifying life events that make you eligible for special enrollment:

  • Losing employer-sponsored coverage or student health coverage
  • Losing Medi-Cal coverage
  • Turning 26 years old and no longer being eligible to stay on a parent’s health plan.
  • Turning 19 years old and no longer being eligible for a child-only plan
  • Moving to California from another state
  • Moving to a new region within California that allows a customer to gain access to new Covered California health insurance plans
  • Being released from jail or prison
  • Having or adopting a child
  • Receiving a child into foster care or placing a child for adoption
  • Getting married or entering into a domestic partnership
  • Leaving active duty, reserve duty, or the California National Guard
  • Becoming a citizen, a national, or permanent legal resident
  • Being a member of a federally recognized American Indian or Alaska Native tribe
  • Losing a dependent or losing your status as a dependent due to divorce, legal separation, dissolution of domestic partnership, or death

The list above contains just some of the more common qualifying life events. A more comprehensive list of qualifying events can be found on the Covered California website. In addition to this, Covered California can also determine that the consumer experience and exceptional circumstance, on a case-by-case basis, that could also allow for a special-enrollment period.

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