Smartphone Travel Tips

June 5, 2017

6 Essential Smartphone Travel Tips

Nobody – young and old alike – goes anywhere without their smartphone anymore. And, why would you? With your phone in hand, you have instant access to maps, flight details, restaurant reviews, a camera and other essential travel tools.

But, there’s more to traveling with your device than simply slipping it in your pocket and hitting the road. Do you know what to do if it’s lost or stolen? What if you forget your charger at home? And, how do you use your phone without annoying those around you?

With peak summer travel season just around the corner, these tips can help:


  1. Power up: A smartphone is only a great travel tool if it has power, so plug in while you sleep every night. If you forget your charger, check with your hotel — they may have one another guest left behind, a charging station, or some available for purchase. Battery always running low? Get a power pack or add-on battery so you can charge without an outlet. You can also buy phone cases with a built-in charger if you find yourself always running low on battery.
  2. Lock up: A simple passcode can make a big difference when it comes to protecting the personal data on your phone. And, you might want to consider software that can help you locate your phone using GPS. Many programs allow you to control and/or wipe data from your phone remotely if it is lost or stolen. And, since we’re talking about wiping data, this is a great time to remind you to back up your phone. When’s the last time you did that?

    If your phone is one of the millions stolen every year, don’t panic. Try to locate and lock your phone remotely, maybe even wipe its data. Then, contact the police and your wireless provider, as well as your financial institutions if you use your phone for banking, paying bills, etc.

  3. Download media: Before you travel, it can be a great idea to download your favorite media such as music, movies, video, etc. directly to your device rather than streaming everything. You may not always have a data connection, and even if you do, it streaming large files and videos can eat into your data plan fast and cost you money.
  4. Airplane mode: As you probably may know, you can use the airplane mode on your phone to use your smart phone in-flight. Although the airplane mode disables talk, text and data, you can still play games, watch downloaded movies or listen to your music and playlists.

    Did you know that airplane mode can also be a very useful option when you are off the plane? You can simply turn your phone to airplane mode when you are out and about to ensure that you don’t incur any data or roaming charges due to unexpected updates, texts or phone calls. This can be a great tool when you are running low on data or if you are traveling to a foreign country or location that might charge you international rates on texts, phone calls and data.

  5. Wrap it up: If you have to take a call, finish it before you get on the plane or sit at the table. Set your ringer to silent or vibrate. And, when you’re in a crowded space, text instead of talking. Others in the vicinity will thank you.
  6. Photo Location Services: Have you ever walked by or driven past something and taken a picture only to forget where it was? Have you ever struggled to remember the location of that one really good restaurant or that one beach you took some pictures at? Turning on your photo location services allows your phone to track and save location data as you take pictures. There are also many apps that can create albums for you or can show the exact location of the pictures you take on a map.

Finally, remember to look up. At least every once in a while, put down your phone and connect with those around you. You’ll be glad you did.

Contributor: Smruthi Sriram
A portion of the content was provided and re-posted with permission from SafeCo Insurance
All Images from Google