Real Life Umbrella Insurance Claims Part 3

September 27, 2018

Actual Claims on a Personal Umbrella Policy

Example Claim #1: The Injured Girlfriend

A teenager was driving to the store with his girlfriend and accidentally hit a tree. He claimed a vehicle cut him off but there were no witnesses or any evidence to support his claim. His girlfriend suffered multiple fractures and other internal injuries. She was hospitalized for over a month and was released in a wheelchair. She is able to walk with crutches but is still undergoing physical therapy. The boyfriend’s personal umbrella policy limit was paid in full.

Example Claim #2: Paralysis

A man in his late twenties was at a friend’s house swimming. He dove into the pool and hit his head on the swimming pool floor and was rushed to the hospital. He injured his spinal cord and was left completely paralyzed in both his arms and legs. He sued his friend and the pool manufacturer. The court declared the injured man’s friend (the homeowner) to be 60% responsible and the pool manufacturer to be 40% responsible. The quadriplegic (paralyzed) man was awarded $10,000,000.

Example Claim #3: Beach Party Fire

A couple hosted a beach part for their daughter. One of the guests found a tank on the ground that she believed to be empty and discarded. She threw it into a beach bonfire and it exploded injuring multiple guests. A $20,000,000 claim was filed against the hosting couple alleging they failed to properly supervise the party.

Example Claim #4: The Drowning

A babysitter was watching two young children over summer vacation when their parents out of town. The children were playing outside in the family’s large backyard which contained a small wading pool. The babysitter stepped inside for a moment to answer the home phone and came outside to find that one of the children had drowned in the pool. The child’s parents were awarded $11,000,000.

Example Claim #5: The Icy Roads

A man was driving through an intersection in the winter on icy roads. He accidentally hit an elderly woman crossing the street who was severely injured and hospitalized. His personal umbrella policy limit was paid in full.

*These claims are based on real events. The numbers in this posted are based on a sliding scale and can vary. Similar events and claims may vary greatly in settlement costs. 

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