Real Life Umbrella Insurance Claims Part 2

September 24, 2018

Actual Claims on a Personal Umbrella Policy

Example Claim #1: Pre-prom Photoshoot

A teen had a group of his friends over to get ready for prom. They stepped outside on the balcony to take a large group photo. The balcony collapsed injuring most of the teens as the balcony was about 10ft of the ground. The parent’s of each injured student sued the homeowners and demanded settlement.

Example Claim #2: Black Mold

A student lost her track and field scholarship at her university when she was hospitalized and lost some lung capacity. She found out her illness was due to Stachybotrys black mold that was found in her apartment. She claimed permanent lung damage and demanded over $800,000 in settlement to her landlord.

Example Claim #3: Backyard Sports

A couple had allowed their children to invite several of their friends to play baseball in their large back yard. One of the children’s friends was accidentally hit in the head with a baseball bat and suffered a concussion. The injured child’s parents received a $475,000 settlement.

Example Claim #4: The Lake Swimmer

A college student was driving his family boat on a lake. Unfortunately, he did not see someone swimming in the water near him. He hit the swimmer and severely injured her. The swimmer received a $1,000,000 settlement.

Example Claim #5: The Dog Bite

A young child invited a friend over to play with his family dog. The dog bit his friend multiple times in the face and the injured child needed to receive multiple reconstructive surgeries. The parent’s of the injured child settle for $10,000,000.

*These claims are based on real events. The numbers in this posted are based on a sliding scale and can vary. Similar events and claims may vary greatly in settlement costs. 

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