Is it true that red cars are more expensive to insure?

January 5, 2017

If you own a red car, do you pay more for car insurance? 44% of Americans believe that this is true. However, the insurance industry is actually “color-blind” when it comes to providing you auto insurance. Whether your car is black, red, striped, or has large painted flames on the side, your insurance rate will remain the same for that particular make, model, and age of the vehicle. In fact, some insurance companies may not even ask you for your vehicle’s color when you apply for a quote.

Other factors that determine your car insurance rates include your driving history and location, but do NOT include the color and exterior paint design on your vehicle.

Where did this myth come from? It’s hard to say exactly how but it’s believed to have started since red cars have historically been associated with sports cars which usually have higher accidents. Others believe it’s because the arresting, bright colors of red cars cause them to be more noticeable than other colored cars. Because of this, police officers are more likely to notice a vermillion hotrod, for example, than a sedate white sedan, and may have a higher chance of getting ticketed.

So if you’re thinking of buying that red convertible or that maroon minivan, don’t worry; you’re insurance rates won’t have to suffer!


Contributor: Smruthi
Sources: Esurance, CNBC,