How to Use Technology to Help Keep Your Home Claims-Free

July 15, 2016

Simple pieces of technology can help keep your home safe from robberies and break-ins, and at the same time, can help you avoid claims on your home such as water damage, fire and freezing damage. In the past decade, especially the past 5 years, technology has taken a huge turn in our society. Almost everything in your home can be controlled by your mobile device and an installed home router (Wi-Fi). Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, another SmartPhone, laptop, or some type of tablet, your smart device will be able to send and receive information from you home automation systems and will allow you to access and control the systems through an application. Here are some easy-to-implement technological items you should add to your home to help avoid an insurance claim.


Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the indoor temperatures in your home with your mobile device through a wifi-signal. This is extremely useful when you are away from your house, for example, on vacation or on a business trip because it can allow you to monitor the home temperature and make adjustments to help reduce your energy consumption. Not only does this help you to lower your utilities bill each month, but also allows you to safeguard your house from possible dangers such as water damage from a frozen pipe caused by an extremely low indoor temperature or overheating of electronic devices in your home from a very high indoor temperature.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers operate through your Wi-Fi system and can be controlled through your mobile device. You can use the device to check whether or not the garage door is open. You can also open and close your garage door simply by pressing a button on your phone. This device can help provide you a sense of comfort when you’re away from your home and will ensure you that your items stay safe and sound.

Smart Smoke Alarms

We all have smoke alarms installed in our house as a line of defense against fires and smoke damage. Did you know that you can obtain smoke alarms connected to your Wi-Fi through your existing home security company? This can be extremely useful since your phone can alert you of undetected smoke or fires whether you are in the house or not. This can protect you and your home from excessive damage and will help you detect potential fires faster and alert the fire department and police before extensive damage is done to your house and everyone and everything inside of it.

Smart Locks

Have you ever had second-thoughts whether or not you locked the front door when you left the house? Fortunately for you, technology now allows you to simply lock and unlock your front door with the use of a battery and Wi-Fi signal. You no longer have a need to worry whether or not your door is locked and if your valuables are safe from robbery! This can also help you get into your house in the case of a lock-out if you lost or misplaced your keys.

Smart Alarm Systems

In addition to locking our front doors and garage doors with our phones, technology also allows us to control alarm systems through our mobile devices. There are many different smart alarm systems that you can install that provide a variety of features, generally including sound recognition, high quality two-way audio, high definition video, real-time video streams from installed cameras, and cloud storage to view and save previous recordings and images. They generally come in wide price ranges depending on the features offered so you will be able to easily find an alarm system that is a comfortable price and a good fit for your needs.

Water Sensors

Water sensors alert you when they detect a presence of water on the floor. This is extremely useful for detecting possible leaks and can also notify you if there is flooding in your home. Some great places to install water sensors are behind a toilet, near a dishwasher, under a sink, and behind your refrigerator if you have a built-in water or ice maker. Water sensors can either be synced up with your existing alarm system or can be accessed through a Wi-Fi version also controlled by your mobile device.

Humidity Monitors

In addition to water sensors, humidity monitors can also help you detect water presence in your home. High humidity is often another indicator that there is an unknown water presence in your home such as a water leak. High humidity inside the home can often be dangerous and cause a lot of damage to your home. Humidity sensors can come in all sorts of devices and can be included in thermostats, furnaces and often some home video surveillance monitors.

Home Video Surveillance Monitors

Home video surveillance monitors can be connected to your phone through a Wi-Fi signal and can give you real-time video streams of what can be seen by the camera. You can install multiple cameras around the inside and outside of your house and control them with your phone and view past recordings saved on a cloud. This is extremely useful to detect any threats of break-ins, robberies, or vandalism to your house and will be very useful in the case that you may need to file a police report. For parents, this is also a great way to check what time your children come home and can give you proof of whether or not they made their curfew.

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Contributor: Smruthi