Employment Practices Liability Claims Scenarios

December 19, 2018

Real Examples of EPLI Harassment Claims and Lawsuits

Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help protect your business against accusations of wrongful termination, harassment, and more. No matter how cautious you are, you never know when a claim may arise that could potentially harm your business’ reputation. Here some examples of real employment practices liability claims that have been filed.

Sexual Harassment Claims

  • Three former employees at a tech company claimed their manager made repeated sexual and degrading comments in a meeting. The employees received a pay out of $350,000.
  • A supervisor alleged that she was being sexually harassed by her subordinates and sued the company after quitting. She was awarded $900,000.
  • A former female employee at a gym in California claimed that she and other female employees were being sexually harassed by male salesman, personal trainers and club managers. The behavior continued after repeated complaints to management. The female employees were awarded $3.6M.
  • A former female drug store manager claimed she had been sexually harassed by her supervisor. After she complained, the behavior continued and she received negative performance reviews and was denied raises and bonuses. She was awarded $3M for damages.
  • Seven employees, three female and four male, sued the manufacturing company they worked at. The women claimed they were being sexually harassed by the supervisors. The men claimed they were discriminated against when they supported the women’s allegations. The employees were awarded $1M.
  • A female employee alleged that several employees sexually harassed her by making inappropriate sexual comments toward her and suggestion she was having a sexual relationship with another employee. She added that her boss and co-workers asked her inappropriate questions regarding her personal life. After complaining, she alleged that she was excluded from meetings, taken off projects and assignments, treated rudely, and received negative evaluations. The company paid over $550,000 in defense costs and settlement.
  • The EEOC settled a sexual harassment claim brought against a small trucking
    company for $250K. The suit was brought on behalf of a female truck driver who
    alleged that she was sexually harassed by her supervisors and co-workers and that her
    truck’s brakes and engine had been sabotaged by these workers.
  • The EEOC settled a sexual harassment claim brought against a Las Vegas restaurant
    for $600K. The matter was brought on behalf of female hostesses and waitresses who
    alleged that the manager groped and propositioned them on a continual basis.
  • The EEOC sued a sports bar on behalf of seven female employees alleging sexual
    harassment by the owners. The bar owners settled the matter for $200K. They also
    agreed to a three year oversight with specific mandates in handling employees.
  • A movie theatre settled a sexual harassment claim brought by the EEOC on behalf of
    teenage boys against their manager for $765K. The claim alleged that the theater
    failed to check the manager’s background, which would have revealed that he was a
    convicted sex offender. The claim further alleges that the manager made quid-pro-quo
    demands on the boys and had fondled and groped the boys.
  • An employee files a complaint with her company that she was subjected to sexual harassment by her manager. The employee alleges that her manager telephones her after work to talk about sex, sent her pictures of himself and propositioned her for sex both during and after working hours. The defense and settlement of this case exceeded $250,000.
  • While on a company retreat, an employee claims that he is being stalked and harassed by a company executive. The plaintiff alleges that during the company retreat the executive grabbed his groin and pulled him towards her while in the kitchen area. The claimant alleges that she pinned him against the oven and forcibly kissed him. The defense and settlement of this case exceeded $400,000.
  • An Illinois gas station paid $250,000 to settle sexual harassment claims against the husband of a former employee. The EEOC said that the women employees were subjected to fondling, sexual comments and sexual intimidation by their manager’s husband, who performed odd jobs at the station.

Note: Keep in mind that every policy is unique and have different coverage options and limits. The claims in this post do not contain sufficient information to determine whether or not coverage is included in the policy. As a result, similar or identical claims to those listed above may result in different outcomes or settlements.

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