Car Insurance and Deer Accidents

September 4, 2018

What Should I Do If I Hit a Deer With My Car?

Every fall, the number of deer-related accidents spike. Deer have a mind of their own so you may encounter them crossing the road unexpectedly.

Insurance Coverage

The comprehensive coverage of your insurance policy covers accidents related to animals including deer accidents. After a deer accident, you may require a tow depending on the severity of the damage to your car. If you have comprehensive coverage or roadside assistance, your tow will be covered. If you don’t have either, you will be on your own covering the cost of the tow as well as damage to your car.

Insurance Deductible

A comprehensive coverage insurance policy is generally purchased with a deductible that will vary policy to policy. If you have a deductible listed on your comprehensive coverage, it will apply to a deer-auto accident. Make sure you check your declarations page or call us at 415-386-2283 to verify what your deductible is listed at.

Insurance Rate Consequences

If you get into a deer-auto accident, you may face consequences of higher insurance rates. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to how your rates will be affected as this varies for each insurance company. It is not uncommon for comprehensive claims to have no effect on your insurance rate. However, sometimes insurance carriers will apply surcharges to your policy depending on how many times the deer-auto accident incident has occurred over a certain period of time.

deer on road: deer auto accident

Never Swerve to Miss a Deer

Swerving to miss hitting a deer can be extremely dangerous. It can cause a lot more damage to your vehicle and can increase the severity of injuries. When you swerve, you have more of a risk of hitting oncoming traffic or other objects such as trees, light posts, mailboxes, or ditches. All of these objects may cause more damage and may be considered at-fault claims which will affect you car insurance rates in the future. If you hit an inanimate object with your car, it is considered to be a “collision accident” which generally comes with higher deductibles.

Deer accidents are common in many areas of the United States. It is important to know how to react when you see a deer on the road. A bit of knowledge can go a long way in helping minimize your injuries and insurance bills. Know your coverage before a claim arises.

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