Are you safe while playing Pokemon Go?

July 23, 2016

The new Nintendo Game, Pokemon Go has been talked about most in the past weeks. Pokemon Go has added 7.5 billion dollars to Nintendo’s market value, according to The Verge.  You probably see people on their phones more than usually now. The players for this game ranges from kids to elders. Chances are, you are probably a Pokemon trainer yourself! But how safe are you really playing the game?

1. Drive Safely

There have been many police warnings on freeways and high traffic areas to tell people not to play Pokemon and drive. Using your phone and driving is very similar to texting and driving and it puts yourself and other people’s lives in danger. Although it is hard to resist when you see a rare Pokemon nearby, it is not worth it. It is important to have car insurance because any accident can happen.

2. Be careful of your surroundings

If you haven’t heard already, two men fell off a San Diego Cliff last week, according to CNN. The game warns people to be aware and alert of their surroundings at all times but it is hard to do. I am also at fault because there were times I almost walked into a pole playing Pokemon. Life insurance would be valuable just in case something life-threatening happens, like falling off a cliff.

3. Respect private property and be aware of trespassing

There are some Pokestops or Gyms that are people’s property. Their property might be a church or a landmark that the creators of Pokemon think people visit often. What if somehow you damaged the homeowner’s property trying to catch that Dragonite? By having homeowners insurance, you may be covered depending on what your policy is. Property damage liability helps cover any damages as well.

4. Removing Pokestop or Gym

So if your place has recently become a popular spot for Pokemon trainers to gather, there is an option to remove it. By submitting a request to Niantic, it can remove your property if it has become too much of a nuisance. This is understandable if you do not like people standing outside your house or on your property. There is also an option to add a Pokestop but with good reason.

Pokemon Go has become one of the fastest growing app games and it slowly becoming worldwide. More and more people are playing, so please be aware of your surroundings and be safe Poke hunting!

Contributor: Andrew
All images from Google